Optional Protective Services

Coverage Rate days Deductions Cat Eco, A and B Deductions Cat C, D and E Coverage Limit
LDW 21 1000 1500  
CDW 15 600 1000  
LIS 8 1000 1500  
PAI 8     300 Por Pasajero
TW 6      
CEX 23 1000 1500 5000

Specifications coverage.

LDW Protection by accident or theft. (Includes coverage for loss of profit).
CDW Protection against collisions or damage to the rented vehicle. (Includes coverage for loss of profit).
LIS Protection to third parties.
PAI Protection against accidents of the passengers.
TW Protection tires and windshield.
CEX Extraterritorial protection for own damage (border crossing).

When you claim the application of one of the above coverages: Indispensable you must submit the report of the traffic police, together with the breathalyser test.

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